I Want Boudoir Photography. Now What?

Boudoir Photography Is What I Love, And What I Do.

There is certainly no shortage of boudoir photographers floating around local towns and cities. Just about anyone with a camera, and $49 can register a business name, throw up a Facebook page and claim to be the all knowing Buddha of boudoir photography. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you would want to give them your hard earned money, and let them mash their finger on the shutter button a few hundred times as you sit half naked on an old bed, which you have no idea how many bare behinds have occupied before you. Before entrusting a boudoir photographer with your time and money, here a few suggestions that will most definitely make your choice the right one. Continue reading “I Want Boudoir Photography. Now What?”

Boudoir Photography Is More Than Just Pretty Pictures

There is nothing as gorgeous as a badass sexy woman who is willing to break protocol and show her goods in a boudoir photography session. Boudoir is a sexy type of photography that is taking the world, and the beautiful women in it by storm. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, skinny, short or voluptuous. Boudoir can be an invigorating experience, which can boost self confidence, help with self doubt and help a woman discover her beauty, which she may have felt was gone forever. Continue reading “Boudoir Photography Is More Than Just Pretty Pictures”